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Tinnitus Treatment

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Rock And Rollers Ears Are Ringing

April 20th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus causes

  Tinnitus has been attributed to have been caused by many different stimuli including loud prolonged noise so it is not too surprising to hear about rock musicians who are afflicted with the malady. Noel Gallagher has made the news lately with the revelation that he too has the all too familiar ringing in his ears.  The damage, caused by continual excessive noise, while not always severe, sometimes has side effects not quite so drastic…like tinnitus.  This article popped up   [Read more…]


Tinnitus Relief – Experimentation Is Key.

April 8th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus treatment

  If ringing is in your ears and is distracting your sleep then you need to know that you are not alone.  Many people worldwide understand your suffering and countless tips and home remedies can be found on the internet.  Most of them will work for some people some time but not all people all the time.  Tinnitus can be caused by many things such as a sinus infection, or maybe an allergy to either airborne or food allergens.  Finding   [Read more…]


Tinnitus Noise Cancelling Headphones – Some Relief

April 2nd, 2013 Posted in natural tinnitus relief

  Tinnitus noise cancelling headphones can offer relief to all the ringing in your head.  All the bells and whistles is a term that usually means good things but not in the case of this nagging, distracting scourge.  The relief that these innovative head phones can give is priceless especially after a trying day at work.  Done at home in your privacy can give you a brief bit of therapy that can go a long way in the encouragement department.   [Read more…]


Tinnitus – Some Thoughts

March 27th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus causes

  Tinnitus sufferers rejoice!  That ringing and constant buzzing in your ears has been a problem for years.  There are many people that suffer from it that do not talk about it but just suffer on and on.  The causes are many so the treatments are just as many.  The first step is to consult a doctor to insure that it is not a clinical issue. Next you can try taking salt and fat out of your diet – in   [Read more…]


Tinnitus Treatment Centers – Help Is On The Way

March 18th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus treatment centers across the world exist to help combat hearing loss. There are real answers that can help alleviate this obnoxious malady. This article I found may help you suppress some of that buzzing, and ringing.   There are tons of people that suffer from buzzing and ringing in the ears. This is known as Tinnitus and can be causes by a number of things. I am going to go over some causes of buzzing in the ears and   [Read more…]


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Tinnitus Treatment Music Therapy – Music Soothes The Savage Beast

March 18th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus treatment

  Tinnitus treatment music therapy can be effective in the suppression of this condition. You don’t have to sit and suffer any longer  with  all the buzzing and bells and whistles.  This article is one I found interesting on the subject. Amsterdam, Netherlands – The therapy is called Notched Music Therapy and exposes tinnitus patients to music that has been modified, or “notched,” to contain no energy surrounding the individual tinnitus frequency. The app, Tinnitus Pro, enables users to easily   [Read more…]


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Latest tinnitus research – control that ringing

March 12th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus treatment
New technology may lead to demystifying the brain and treating tinnitus.

  To those of us who suffer with distracting ringing in our ears the latest tinnitus research will certainly be of interest to you.  You may not hear it all the time but it nags you during quiet reflective times.  This information from the internet may be useful reading. Dr. Jay Piccirillo and Dr. Harold Burton have conducted very important studies in tinnitus patients in their Wash U laboratories.  After documenting the tinnitus and the neurological differences between normal individuals   [Read more…]


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Tinnitus Blocked Eustachian Tubes – Getting Relief

March 7th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus treatment

  The sad fact is that no such thing as a cure for tinnitus. You can only get different variations of tinnitus relief, ranging from medication, home remedies, and on extreme occasions, even surgery. However, it is good to know that tinnitus is not a disease on itself, but a symptom of something bigger so even after relieving yourself from tinnitus, you will still need to look for the main disorder that is causing the ringing in your ears. Below   [Read more…]


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Tinnitus Treatment Options – Hope is Right Around the Corner

March 5th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus Treatment Options are increasing every day for Tinnitus sufferers. Which is good news for sure.  Tinnitus is noise originating from within the ear and not outside of it. Though it is not a disease, it should be treated as soon as possible because it may cause adverse complications leading to further ear damage. Tinnitus creates ringing, buzzing, humming, and whistling sounds inside the ear and can cause ear infections, wax build up, and nose allergies that prevent or induce   [Read more…]


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Loud Headphones Causing Hearing Loss

February 5th, 2013 Posted in tinnitus causes
This little earpieces are responsible for hearing loss in many young people.

Listening to music through headphones has become an addiction with technology making it possible for loud sounds to hit the eardrums without causing any discomfort. Gradually louder noise becomes bearable and pleasing, wherein the danger of damaging the ear sets in. Loud headphones causing hearing loss is a common phenomenon according to this article. In the end, people become affected by tinnitus. Headphones are worse than loud speakers are, as the loud music directly hits the ears. Take preventive steps   [Read more…]


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